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Hi guys,

I would like to get an advise from anyone who encounter the same issue on York Air-cooled chiller. If anyone have encounter the same fault on 'Vsd communication failure' i have tried several steps to solve by resetting the fault, remove the wire harness on the communication port between Micro and Logicboard but it last for a few days and appear the same fault..

I did check on the communication cable wire harness J2 on the microboard and J12 on logic board, i also replace new VSD logic board but the same fault still appear, maybe it could be the microboard which giving this nuisance fault i didn't manage to swap the microboard from another chiller.

Can anyone advise me solution for this particular issue, i get some information that i might have a bad RS485 Vsd gate driver chip on thE microboard, some also say try replacing just the 8 pin RS 485 chip. Anyone please advise me thank you appreciate if anyone willing to share some info on this.

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