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Witnessing cooperative management of a different kink

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For the management or rental housing provided by the government or institutional agencies, the occupants must be encouraged to form associations to collect rent on time, management of the various services, the neighborhood facilities, etc which will thus lead to greater occupant satisfaction and better value for the maintenance expenditure spent by each occupant.

Wherever voluntary associations or workers’ cooperatives are coming forward to manage rental housing, they may be encouraged to do so. To manage your Apartment Kochi and its leading builders have now put in place professional management practices by including the entire apartment owners. There are also consultancies that will manage the entire maintenance works in your absence.

In the building sites and cooperative housing schemes, the plots and houses may be designed in a way that permits partial subletting as has been tried out in cities like Nairobi. For the workingwomen who are on the move constantly, voluntary agencies may be encouraged to offer adequate living spaces, as under the present scheme in the Central Government, which allows incentives to those intending to take up construction of hostels.

For the poor households, the Delhi concept of night shelters with common amenities and a daily rental is being tried out in all metropolitan cities. The Rent Control provisions may be liberalized to minimize the risk of taking in single paying guests on annual leases. In Kochi also such a concept is getting popular. It will greatly help the floating population that enters into the city and leaves after a short stay. While the concept of nigh shelters had few takers in earlier times, it is in much demand in Kochi today. In Ernakulam South and North, and that too in the adjacent areas of the two railway stations, such amenities are increasingly getting popular.
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