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Will keeping door open or installing storm door with dog door hurt HVAC unit

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I have a renter who when we rented she wanted an exterior door with dog door installed. We agreed with her buying it. Since then she has realized the price is a lot. She has asked if she can instead by a storm door that has a dog door.
It doesn't make much sense to me (seems like price will be made up in hating and cooling costs), but I am fine with it if it doesn't detrimentally affect my HVAC unit. Will running the HVAC (gas heat and AC condenser compressor) with the exterior door open and only a storm door closed (maybe 24/7 as she is retired and always home) have a detrimental affect on the system or cause early failure?
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If it’s not pulling outside air in all the time then you fine. Dirty filters kills equipment and that’s very important. Tenant don’t care and don’t replace dirty filters and that is the biggest issue with rental properties. Put in the contract if dirty filter causes service call then penalties $200
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Markusolas is right on - Personally I would not care for the heating and cooling bill with only a storm door rather than a normal door not being in the picture. There is also the security issues, but if the dog is big enough, it should scare bad people away. The furnace filter will get dirty faster and is so important to change it sooner in this case. I had a renter not chasing the filter, took me 2+ hours to clean the AC and secondary heat exchanger. Warned them next time there will be a fee attached. Not that hard to grab a new one out of the box and put it in there once a month.
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