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What is the Best Media to Post an Appliance Repair Technician Job?

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Hi. We are a small Appliance Repair business located in Alpharetta, GA. We have been blessed with reliable and professional repair technicians. The business is steadily growing. Its time we hired more appliance repair technicians. However, instead of blindly venturing into newspaper or online job ad placing, I want to gather some more information. The question is simple. Is there a website or printed trade publication where I can reach as many potential candidates as possible? Please keep in mind that these applicants have to be more or less local, lets say within 30-40 miles radius from our office.
I have tried Craigslist. On the plus side the two candidates that replied were free to find and contact. On the minus side they were just two and not on a level that I would prefer. Then I tried one of online job posting forum which for a fee showed me about 60 respectable candidates. Only one replied.
So, it is possible that the Appliance repair Technicians are already gainfully employed . They are not looking for a job. I just must be patient and keep running ads (free or not). But there must be a forum or a publication that I can use to find more and better candidates. What are they? Thanks. Manager, Atlanta Appliances Repair, Inc. :)
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