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What Make Up Air System Model or Brand Do You prefer ?

  • Pressure Switch Kit by Broan Nu-Tone

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  • RMAS Kit by CCB Innovations

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  • Pressure Switch Kit by Zephyr

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What Is Make Up Air and How Does the IRC M1503.4 Building Code Affect Me ? What Model or Brand Solution Should I Install and Why ?

M1503.4 Makeup air required.

Exhaust hood systems capable of exhausting in excess of 400 cubic feet per minute (0.19 m3/s) shall be provided with makeup air at a rate approximately equal to the exhaust air rate. Such makeup air systems shall be equipped with a means of closure and shall be automatically controlled to start and operate simultaneously with the exhaust system.
-Provided by http://publicecodes.cyberregs.com/ic...003_par003.htm

Why Do We Need Make Up Air ?

Every time an exhaust fan removes air from your house, an equal volume of air must enter. The air that enters cracks in a home’s envelope to replace air that is exhausted is called “makeup air.” Two trends affecting makeup air are causing increasing problems for homeowners: homes are getting tighter, and range-hood fans are getting more powerful. So where does a powerful range-hood fan get its makeup air? If the house doesn't have enough random air leaks around windows, doors, and mudsills, the makeup air is often pulled backwards through water-heater flues or down wood-burning chimneys — a phenomenon called backdrafting. Since the flue gases of some combustion appliances can include carbon monoxide, backdrafting is dangerous. In some cases, it can be life-threatening.

If you go with a super-powered vent-a-hood, make sure you make accommodations somewhere in the home for getting make-up air. Not having a controlled source of makeup air leads to risks such as back-drafting of exhaust from water heaters, etc., and/or air being sucked in from less desirable places, like through openings in the basement that might introduce moisture, mold, radon, and other fun things.

There Are Currently Two Different Types of Make Up Air Kits That I Know of That You Can Buy. The RMAS kit by CCB Innovations and A Pressure Switch By Broan Nu-Tone & Zephyr.

In The Home Building Industry You Need A Product That Is Sturdy and Lasts The Lifetime of The House or In this Case the Life of The Kitchen Range Hood.

Buying Pressure Switch Based Systems Take Too Long to Install and Don't Always Function Properly, Either Due to The Climate of Where You Live or Not Properly Calibrated For Your Home.

RMAS by CCBI VS. Pressure Switch Kit

At CCB Innovations, They Offer The Most Universal Solution with Their RMAS Kit, Below I have Listed Off A Few Comparisons Between the Pressure Switch Vs RMAS By CCB Innovations.


At CCB Innovations The Residential Make-Up Air Kit Includes: 1 Switch Assembly Air Duct Coupling (Already Assembled, No Tools Needed), a 24 Volt Transformer(They Offer Hardline Option), and 1 Motorized Damper. Installation for the Switch Assembly Takes about 5-10 Minutes.
Broan Nu-Tone’s & Zephyr's Kit Includes: 1 Motorized Damper, (1) 24 Volt Transformer, A Pressure Switch Kit which Includes (Pressure Switch, Probe, 12”PVC tubing ¼” I.D., Gasket, (6) Sheet Metal Screws; Tools Required ¼”Socket Drive, Flathead or Phillips Screw Driver, 3/8” Drill Bit, Duct Tape, Low Voltage(2 Conductor), (2) ¼” Female Spade Terminals, Wire Nuts. The Amount of Time It Would Take To Install That Pressure Switch Kit Would Take at Least 45-60 Minutes, Not to Mention the Time to Calibrate it.

The RMAS System by CCB Innovations Does Not False Trip. Where As the Broan Nu-Tone & Zephyr Install Guide for Their Pressure Assembly Switch Clearly States, That Their Assembly Pressure Switch May False Trip Due to Certain Conditions.
The Warranty that Broan-NuTone & Zephyr Offers For Their Kit is a 1 Yr. Guarantee. At CCB Innovations They Guarantee 5 Yrs. For the Entire Kit and Guarantee Switch Assembly Will Last the Life Time of the Exhaust Hood, and is Utility Patented.

What Works in Mountainous High Elevation Areas ?

The RMAS Switch Assembly Design by CCB Innovations Is A More Reliable and Consistent Product Compared To the Broan Nu-Tone & Zephyr Pressure Switch System. The RMAS Kit Relies On The Force of Air Flow Brought on By The Exhaust Hood. The Broan Nu-Tone & Zephyr Switch Relies on the Pressure of The Air. When You Get Into Those Higher Altitude Areas Such As Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Some Areas of California Where The Air Pressure is Much Less. This Can Really Affect The Accuracy and Functionality of Those Air Pressure Switches.

They Also Have Youtube Channel, Here's One of Their Durability Videos Where They Simulate a Greasefire Using Their Product.


If you have Any Questions e-mail me at [email protected]
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