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Water/mold in duct work.

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Hello. I’m looking for some guidance here. We’ve had a terrible smell for about 5 months and could not figure out what the smell was or where it was coming from. Had and HVAC company out and they discovered water/wet spots under our furnace and said that was the smell. However I recently found this 6 feet from a register where the smell is horrendous! So I’m assuming this is it. How can I get this removed or who do I call? Everyone I have tried said they can’t do it or won’t come out until there is an inspection completed by a plumber to find out where a leak is. When I called a plumbing company they said I have to have a leak detection company out to find a leak first. We live on a slab with no crawl space. We had 2 areas where water was possibly getting into duct work but this photo is on the opposite side of the house near 2 bathrooms and washer and dryer. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.
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First off, you need to find a way to stop all water leaking into the duct work. There is no reason to clean this until that is done. You stated that your house is on a slab, then I assume this piping is under the house? If that is true, it may be ground water and you have another issue. With out more info or research, not much I can help you with.
Pretty much it’s common problem with this type of duct work. It’s was made huge mistake sometimes in 70 ties. They just laid duct pipes on the bare ground and poured concrete over. Now all those galvanized pipes rotted and there is nothing you can do to fix them. So the only solution is to abandon all those ducts and pour concrete in them. Then you need to switch your ducts from downflow to up flow and run ducts in the attic. If it’s a 2 story house then it’s even more complicated. Will be expensive anyway. You can look up on you tube or Holmes on homes Canadian show had same problem and he did what I just said. Pretty much it’s bad and not easy fix.
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