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Good evening to all. My background is in Residential Remodeling so I need some advice from the experts in HVAC.

We just moved into a older double wide several weeks ago. The landlord just had the central a/c unit replaced.

Problem. - I have to keep the thermostat set up high because the home will literally freeze us out- high meaning I have it set at 89 degrees. I know its not 89 in the home and Im not sure if the problem is with the actual thermostat itself or somewhere else which is why I am asking here.

Also I noticed that there has been several times (3) since the central air unit was replaced that the unit would go off and than kick back on within 5 minutes.

Sorry for the lacking description of the problem but its the best I can do.

All responses much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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