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Strong software for calculating moist air properties

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Hi every body.

I want to introduce appropriate software to you for psychrometric calculations.

PsychroSolution 1.1 is a useful application for calculating psychrometric
parameters of the moist air in different conditions.

It can be engaged as a strong tool for designing HVAC systems.

A wide range of engineering units can be used for different quantities.

The method of computing saturation condition of water meets two important standards namely, IAPWS and Hyland-Wexler (ASHRAE’s recommendation).

you can try it for free at http://thermo-fluid.com

In addition, here is some discount coupon for a limited number of buyers.

90% discount: THER-IAY7-AGVR
80% discount: THER-U7C8-WIEX
70% discount: THER-0N4C-WWWY

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The software calculates air moisture content, dew point temperature and cloud water content, including liquid water content in cloud droplets and frozen water content in snow/ice crystals appropriate for cases of horizontal surfaces and vertical plates. The surface types can be either flat or rolling and the wind speed can be either sub- or super-sonic. Therefore, the calculations can describe cases of localized high values of surface moisture as well as large-scale condensation trails (contrails).
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