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Still here

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30 years & still at it. Hello all.
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31 yrs for me at the end of June. Not sure why I am still doing this, OOPs, oh yah I haven't won the da*n lottery yet.:laughing:
Welcome to the site guys... I'm looking forward to getting this place off the ground. Thanks for joining!
Glad to be here.

A couple of year ago , at at HVAC show in Anahaim Ca i talk with a company wich manufacture heater exchangers out of cultured rocks instade of cooper fins (something like the catalitic converters in cars or like the pumice stone!)
I have one idea wich include something like that but i can not locate the bussines cards or the material they sent to me. I know that they are out of East Coast but i can not remmember for the life in me.
Any of you out there have any idea how i can find that company ?
George Sararu
Omega 2000 Group Corp

been in wholesale hvacr buisness 35yr. worked with my dad befor that i would not like to do anything else.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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