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Right Compressor Installed?

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I had a heating and air conditioning contractor install a new compressor and it looked totally different than the old one that was previously in it. Is there anyway to see if the new compressor is the right one?

John Williams
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If you have a rather old condenser, you more than likely had a piston compressor. They may have installed a scroll compressor, which is better. If you have the condenser model and compressor model numbers, I can tell you if it is a good match. A scroll compressor looks much different than a piston compressor.
I took some pics of the compressor that was installed if that helps.
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This is something like what the old one looked like...
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The ZR21K is a scroll compressor - The original is a piston compressor. The scroll is a better design and should hold up better. Date code shows that compressor was made in March of 2021. So to answer your question, yes, that is a replacement compressor for your system. R407c, R438, R407a, R448, R449 can all be used in it. I'm sure there are a few others.
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