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Reversing Valve Exploded

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Had a heating and air conditioning contractor do some work on our central air system. Long story short the reversing valve literally exploded and sounded like a bomb going off. They had supposedly evacuated the system and I even overheard them talking that they thought the line my be restricted. Anyone ever hear of a line exploding like this before? Could that have been avoided?

Thank you in advance,

John Williams
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Never had one explode before. Can not imagine what went wrong that it would explode. When you evacuate, you create a vacuum equal to -14.7 psi. The valve is rated to 350 psi. One would have to work very hard to get on explode. Now if they had a torch on it, I can see under the right condition it could sound like an expiation.
Seems like you need new company and new equipment. :)))
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