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I had some questions regarding entering into the field. My first question is when would be the best time to apply. I believe that in the summer time is the highest demand, but I was wondering if contractors like to sit one on one with the new technician to train prior to the summer.

My second question is regarding location. What area has the highest demand for the refrigeration/air-conditioning field? I currently live in Maine and the demand seems low since there is only two months of summer and the rest is a high demand for heating. I'm willing to travel to another state if my chances of getting a job are higher.

Third, how can I get a job if I have limited experience. What can I do prior to applying that I can brighten my resume. Do seminar classes offer something to add to my resume? Can I attend post school classes? Besides my shop time in school, how can I get experience?

Since I'm out of school, what type of job/company should I look for? I'm thinking that local companies can offer me the experience larger companies can not offer.

I appreciate everyone for their time viewing my thread and I value any responses, long or short.

Thank you,
Sean S.
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