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Hi guys....
I am using comfort point controller (type: XL8000-IPC model). I have 2 computers and 1 simulation panel (to simulate a building with HVAC,valve... etc)
Comfortpoint studio and comfortpoint online are installed at my right hand side computer. At my left hand side computer i have Station, HMIWeb display building and Quick builder installed. In between the two computer is my simulation panel.

The comfortpoint studio, online, station and quick builder has the capabilities to implement schedules. I created a binary value (IO point): "system_enable" that is use to control the ON and OFF of the whole system/control loop. This BV is not bind to any schedule in the comfortpoint studio. I download my whole control loop using comfortpoint online to the simulation panel and using my left handside computer with quick builder to extract the points from the simulation panel and implement global schedule using of station(EBI's user interface), where this is when it always fail to download after setting the desired time I want to "ON" the system_enable.presentvalue. Do anyone know how to solve it?
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