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I'm new to this site only in the fact that I finally made an account. I've visited from time to time looking for information. I have my refrigeration ticket and feel I can fix most anything although sometimes a second set of eyes sure does help!!!

Have a question though... Is there a thread or blog that has some tips and tricks for apprentices or even the most experienced mechanics to reference or even print out "cheat sheets" for different styles of units?? I'm after something that explains certain quick things to check out on units to help diagnos (avoid apprentices blowing up my phone) problems. Simple basic checks that someone would do first to cover the basics.

I know that could be quite the extensive post but I feel it would be a great one. I know at my company at least and I was the same way, make up airs scare apprentices so the other night I typed up and printed out for everyone at work a two page "cheat sheet" for MUA units with all very basic (to me) things to know that once threw me for a loop. Things like the air switch tubes going into the cabinet can plug causing false readings ending in air switches being changed for nothing and not fixing anything (I know bc I've done it)

So just wondering if a threadlike that exists and where to find it.

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