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Need help with HVAC unit (inside home) weird problem

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The weird noise/problem I recorded:

HVAC unit weird problem

Hello HVAC pro,

I really need help with this problem that started about a year ago. Randomly, the HVAC unit inside my house would have the weird noise as shown in the above recording. The unit inside my home (fan,motor,etc.) would stop after the noise while the HVAC unit outside house would still be running. The funny and most annoying thing is, this happens randomly. The entire HVAC could work normally for a day, few days, or weeks before the problem happens again.

I have had AC pro or technicians from 3 different companies came and inspected the entire unit. (1 was nice enough to come inspect for free!)

All of them said outside 5-ton unit was absolutely fine.
-One of them changed the motor which costed me few hundred bucks.
-The other changed a conductor thing (i think, it's a little box thing that had many wires connected to it), which costed me about fifty bucks.
-The third guy checked the wiring and wires, and changed some older ones to new ones.

As of today, the problem is still here! All of the above technicians did come back multiple times and just could not identify what causes the problem. It happens quite randomly that we have to call them to come once the problem appears; and after they arrive we would turn the unit on and off via thermostat until they really see the problem.

I am really wondering if any PRO here can tell what might be causing the weird noise and stop the unit from the recording.

Thank you,
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Noise coming from blower wheel or motor so it’s either wheel falling apart or motor. New motor you said but few hundred dollars is not going do it. Is it just for labor few hundred or including motor. Seems like you not hiring right people. 50$ for other tech. ? Just to come over is 100$ . Don’t be cheap. Find normal guy on Facebook recommended or next door and pay normal price and will be fixed
Agree - you need a professional to look into this. Pending on where you live, normal labor rates for a good HVAC contractor is around $120 per hour, but do not take price meaning quality. If you look for a union company, you might have better luck. Noises you describe might be the contactor coil. They tend to hum and it may last a while and just stop and be very intermittent. Motors normally do not have intermittent noises, buy can get quieter or louder when they get hot.
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