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A few months agao I purchased a 60,000 BTU Hot Dawg heater for my 25x25x10 (2-2.5 car) garage/workshop based on a BTU sizing calculator I found online. However, I've since been advised that this heater may be too large for my application and my subsequent reasearch leads me to agree.
The calculation I am now considering appropriate is BTU's = cu ft. x .1333 x Delta T.
In my case that would be:
(25x25x10) x .1333 x (50 to 65) therefore a range of 42000 - 54000 BTU's.
My garage is finished and insulated but would probably rate avg to poor for heat loss, I live in Northeast PA, about an hour south of the NY border and my above Delta T would be closer to 50 most days, unless it was a colder than average winter.
So my query is... should I go ahead and install this unit or size down? If your recommendation is to size down, should I get the 30,000 or 45,000 nat gas unit? I can always sell the 60,000 unit as it is still brand new.
Thank you!
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