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Lennox is a piece of shit

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we live in the pacific NW and use the unit maybe 4 months a year replaced ac in 2017 , now having to replace this Lennox unit 5/18/23, unacceptable Piece OfSHIT 馃が馃が馃が馃が馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥
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Doesn鈥檛 make any sense what you鈥檙e saying. Just to say like rain is stupid and snow is weird:))) any intelligent conversation please
Personally I consider Lenox one of the better brands. Been dealing with them for well over 30 years. Sounds to me that whom ever told you this - either fed you a story or whom ever sold you it, did not match it to your needs. So rather than complain about your experience, share your problem - maybe we can resolve it or lead you in the right direction. Model number to start would help, then what is the issue, what failed - gets us helping you. No mater what brand you have, if it is used in the wrong application, it will fail.
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