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Got Time on my hands as of late!
Been a hell of time keeping busy.
I've bounched around several trades for the past 30 some years and now found my home again in the HVAC Trade.
Started that trade back in 1980 with old Ron Mossby from Temecula Ca.
Worked for him till 1984.quit and started my own company called Cable Air.bought a brand new pick em truck(84 mazda b-2000)man I was always workin,installin new homes.back than we were getting 850 per ton!
Crap...how I think pricing has changed
looking around I see some are getting over 2k per ton just for a change out!
Just found out,I lost big bucks yesterday on a service call.The customer said he had a leak @ the weld outdoor unit.So I tell him over the phone (4 ton)it will be 150 bucks plus 15 per lb.
Dang,then I was reading the HVAC forum this morning and found out I should have charged the owner around 50 bucks a lb. ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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