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job bid

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What would you charge to install a ceiling mounted unit heater that cost me 1200 and using a scissors lift that cost 320 with other parts costing 300. Also labor for me and another guy, 12hrs a piece? Ps this included taking down the old one and taking out some duct work.
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This is up to your profit goal, are you paying a salesmen commission, your overhead & how busy or slow you are.

With a sales person commission and the costs and times listed I could see starting at $4,500.00 and up depending upon how busy you are.

I am taking all kinds of assumptions on the above listed items.
It really does not matter what others charge. You need to charge what it takes to cover all your costs,OH and hit the target profit you want.

Do not base your price on what others sell for that will put you out of biz quick.
Thanks for the reply, very helpful. I'm the salesman for now but I'm looking forward to growing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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