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Is This an Acceptable Connection?

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I just had a new Goodman furnace and ac installed. Found the company through Goodman's web site and they have very good local Yelp reviews.

They still haven't done final flow tests or city inspection. I found this connection of 3/4" tube into 7/8" sweat fitting. Fitting is flattened on the bottom (can't see it but you can feel it). Also pinched down on the side as you can see. I think it is a crap cobble job and needs to be replaced. Your thoughts?

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I'd be concerned about the line set size, outdoor unit with 7/8" probably needs a line set that size, also. Hard to say without more info.
This is actually fairly common. Without more info, can't tell you if 3/4" vs 7/8" would matter. Personally I try to find a reducing bushing rather than crimp the pipe. There is no down side to this, all cosmetic, and brazing that connection sometimes is not easy.
On installation manual that comes with condenser says to not do like that but I see a lot of instructions with pinch like that and working no problem. Line set size might be too small but it usually reduces little efficiency if it’s too small without causing problems. So seems like it’s little cutting corners but most important is if they pulled good vacuum and adjusted charge. That you will never know
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