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Our Sun may be a main-sequence star, almost absolutely spherical, and over a hundred times larger than our planet. Through a fancy method of nuclear fusion, the Sun generates huge amounts of energy, much more than our species may ever use. it's our most renewable and reliable energy supply, nonetheless trendy civilization has seldom taken advantage of this free energy. With rising fuel costs and more and more advanced solar power technology, which may be ever-changing.

Ingram’s Water & Air instrumentality has continually believed in providing our customers with efficient and economical solutions to everyday issues and that’s why we’re so excited regarding our new IWAE Complete solar power Kits.


  • 1. 25 Years Linear Performance Warranty.
  • 2. More than 97% output during first year.
  • 3. No more than 0.7% Annual Power Decline There after.
  • And much more...
One Solution with Premium Quality DC module and Microinverter.
Safety - No High voltage DC. Safe installation.

Make the green choice today and talk to one of our technology specialists about an IWAE Complete Solar Energy Kit.

For More information call us through 800 360 1569 or visit the website http://ingramswaterandair.com
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