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Important Steps that are followed
Following are the steps in the order of occurrence that take place after sucking raw sewage into a septic truck.
· Treatment facility - Sewage is most of the time taken to waste treatment plants where it is offloaded from the vehicle into a huge sewage holding tank. At this point, the contents are sent for processing while the next step follows.

· Removing Sludge - It is very important to clean the inside of septic trucks is after off-loading that septic waste. Solid material left at the bottom becomes hard to remove by this time. It takes up tank space which could affect the ability of the truck to carry out septic cleaning. If it is noticed that a truck tank has been holding less pumped material than before, then it is a sign that there is a layer of sludge in the bottom.

· Sewage Plant Protection – Regular cleaning protects the machinery as well as the sewage tanks and other equipment at the treatment facility. Collecting mixed or unknown waste material and then putting it in the sewage tanks can cause trouble; chemical reactions or fires and explosions can take place there. Therefore, in order to protect, treatment plants provide wash stations for septic trucks use before they leave the facility.

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