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I think I messed up changing out my filter, please help the unit will not turn on

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I think I messed up something as straight forward as changing out an air filter. I was changing the filter for the hvac system up in the attic and the filter somehow got stuck when I was pulling it out so I yanked it out. Ever since then my system has stopped working. I just went back up there with a flashlight and peeped into the air filter slit and I noticed a cable laying on the units floor and something that looks like it would accept that cable. I assume cables aren't just randomly laying around. I included two pictures of what I saw. Can someone tell me what that cable is. So my theory is the cable got unplugged but I would like your guys advice first since it seems like a real pain to get in and plug it back in if that's the actual problem. Thank you for the help


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There should not be any cables or wires near the air filter. It would be near impossible to tell you what it is or where ut goes. Best to call a good HVAC tech out. Put it in the wrong place and the damages could be very high. But I would ask them to explain what it was and make sure it would not happen again.
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