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Good Morning. I would like to present you our company, Element Projekt.

Element Projekt is a Croatian company specialized in HVAC+R systems for shipbuilding, civil & marine engineering and offshore industry. We are also specialized in the design and making of mechanical piping systems, project management and engineering supervision & consulting.

Our company is founded in 2014, located in Solin, Split - Dalmatia County, Croatia. The region is one of the most important places oriented towards engineering and metal processing industry, what makes our company be completely necessary.

We have worked in a lot of projects all over the world, with so many different types of boats (Drillships, Sailing yachts, Luxury Yachts), and that has given us the ability of helping the investor to make a decision easily with different options and budgets, always according to his requirements.

If you want to know more about us, follow us on our different social media and check our website:
@ElementProjekt (Instagram)
Element Projekt D.O.O (LinkedIn)
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