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Hello all. Obvioulsy new to the site.

Currently my company primarily is a Residential Plumbing service company. Now that I have some more staff in place I want to pursue more HVAC work.

Many years ago before getting into plumbing I started working on an HVAC education, but then found a plumbing apprenticeship and said "What the heck, at least its an apprenticehsip which will lead to a license."

While working for a couple of plumbing companies I would help with some HVAC work, but was only able to do it on a limited basis. After opening my own plumbing shop I've worked off and on with a HVAC contractor helping with some change outs, but then got to busy with Plumbing.

Its my intention at this time to go ahead and jump into HVAC and expand services. Hoping the learning curve and process is not that painful.

Do have a Universal Ref cert. its a bit dated and I need to add 410a update.

No local licensing requirments for HVAC I'm sad to report.

Plan to try and get as much education as possible so that I can offer the same high level of service that is already offered in plumbing.

Familiar with forums and hope that this forum is not as rough as plumbing can be, but am prepared to take crap for not being more skilled and knowledgeable. :laughing:
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