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High Head Low Suction

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New comp new dryer weighted charge 60 low 298 high flooded coil supereat at 3* how common is plugged orifices on a evaporator that has liquid header with multiple feeds and the condeners and evaporator were washed with calgon products
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You said that you weighed in the charge . what size system are we talking about here. Does it hold ounces or several pounds of refrigerant. The dryer was replaced, was it replaced with the same cubic inch dryer? What is the amp draw on the compressor vs nameplate run load amps. The reason that I am asking is that if it is an ounces system and the dryer was changed with a different size dryer, that will have to be taken into consideration when charging.
check for below problems
Bad (leaky) compressor valves;

Worn compressor piston rings; and

Leaky oil separator return line.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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