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Hi I'm new here

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Hi I'm Mark, I'm a Director of Research Engineering and development For new Energy technologies. My company has developed a new HVAC system AC ? heat-pump combo. Just wanted to run by the performance with professionals in HVAC systems to see how well it fairs to what is in the field currently. Feel free to give me feed back as to how this compares to the current products in the market place. We are just at the beginning of this technology and are improving the current performance on a weekly basis.

Performance as a A/C system
  • 2.5 Ton system operates @ 2.5 plus tons of capacity
  • Average COP: 3.0 to 5.0
  • SEER rating: 20.0 or higher
  • Range: 70 F to 140 F and higher with 100% rejection of heat
  • Capacity: 80% to 100% at all temperature ranges

Performance as a heat pump system
  • 2.5 Ton system operates @ 2.5 plus tons of capacity
  • Average COP: 4.0 to 6.0
  • Range: 70 F to -20 F and lower
  • Capacity: 80% to 100% at all temperature ranges
  • HSPF2 rating: 19 and higher
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I've seen some of the new Heat Pump technology out there. Been doing HVAC/R work for about 40 years. The old heat pumps never worked in the mid west. The cost of operation was high and the amount of heat they create was poor in low temps which require electric heaters to make up the difference - at a huge cost of electricity. Ground source helped greatly, but the these facts over all the years gave heat pumps a bad name. Very hard to convince anyone it is a better way to go verses natural gas or LP. Your specs look about the same as others I have seen. Another issue we have seen are new brands out there that are not known, which means no one knows how long they will be around to support their product. Even Carrier does not support some of their products made by other companies. Had a 7 year old heat pump for a computer room that they no longer support. With that said, It is not easy to move into the market as their is no guarantee you will be around long enough to support what you sell. Good luck in you venture.
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