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I not a big fan of the internet (face book twiter) all a waste of time. im glade i found this site to speak and to learn from like minded people. I'v been working as a plumber in Melbourne Australia since i was 16 now i am 29. 13 year that a long time working for someone else. i'm start a new beginning my own business i hope i can get some pointer for you men out there with experience it fells like i'm doing my apprenticeship all over again it all a new way of thinking. Its easy to run big jobs for someone else not like your own. you think about all the sticks of solder you throw away when it got about 30mm long. Not any more. you have to save the cents. You have to have sense to make dollars. i'll come back and put my website on when it up and running. have a good day and thank you PJ

My knowledge in plumbing is

Gas servicing, installation of type A gas appliances, Gas pipe line sizing

Plant rooms ( pump set, chillers, pipe work design for HHW CHW systems )

Duct work design, Air flow balancing

and a lot more but only to Australian standers
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