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I think this is an incredibly underutilized strategy that you should be thinking about.


Real estate agents need to know the community better than anyone - stuff like:

- How good are the schools?
- Where is the nearest shopping?
- Is it safe?

Good agents can answer questions like that easily - and they can also answer questions like, "Who's a good HVAC company around here?"

I think you should figure on there being two potential leads at every house sale:

-The first is when a seller needs to make a repair to sell a house.
-The second is when a buyer wants to make an upgrade to the house they just bought.

You want to be the guy that the real estate agent can recommend to the homeowner.

The toughest part of this is getting in good with a real estate agent - they need to trust you.

You really need to understand that the real estate agent is staking her reputation on the quality of your work and customer service. If you make cruddy repairs, don't show up on time, or price-gouge, it's going to come back on the agent.

And if a single customer gets mad at you, it doesn't matter too much - your company may be doing tens to hundreds of jobs a months. But a typical single real estate agent will be doing well under 100 homes per year, and usually much, much less.

I'd suggest that you have a professional-looking website and good online reviews to start - the agent is going to be looking you up.

To make the connection, I'd consider meeting up at local Chamber events or even dropping by and saying, "I do good work, I'd like to work together, what can we do to make this happen?"

Think about what you can offer to the real estate agent - can you do a non-sales-y energy audit on a home? Maybe an eyeballed "How Much It Will Cost to Heat and Cool This Home" or a similar report that's easy to generate. Think about what you can offer them that they can offer to their customers that is somehow valuable.

Anybody doing this right now?

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To become a very good real estate agent and to sell very well, you need to know human psychology. Some kind of manipulation even
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