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Furnace dripping water with AC on Rheem Criterion II

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Really not familiar with these systems, and hopefully this is a basic question for someone to enlighten me. Just turned on AC for first time this year, and I noticed that the furnace is dripping water - kind of blowing out droplets out of the back of the furnace out of a small tube. Linking photos. Is this just condensation? Is it a symptom of a larger problem? Should there be a cap on that pipe so that it just doesn't leak?

The system is the Rheem Criterion II Plus 2. AC doesn't really even cool the house either - even though the condenser unit outside was replaced last year...

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It’s missing drain pipe there whre
Is dripping and by looking at the picture I can see it’s hack job :))) . Whoever did ac replacement last year really didn’t give a damn what he is doing and he obviously not coming back. Call Hvac guy from Facebook recommendations in your area and pay him well whatever he ask so you get it
Done properly and checked.
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