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Furnace dripping water with AC on Rheem Criterion II

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Really not familiar with these systems, and hopefully this is a basic question for someone to enlighten me. Just turned on AC for first time this year, and I noticed that the furnace is dripping water - kind of blowing out droplets out of the back of the furnace out of a small tube. Linking photos. Is this just condensation? Is it a symptom of a larger problem? Should there be a cap on that pipe so that it just doesn't leak?

The system is the Rheem Criterion II Plus 2. AC doesn't really even cool the house either - even though the condenser unit outside was replaced last year...

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Where you show the water dripping out is a 3/4" NPT female fitting. This should have an adapter going from 3/4" NPT to 1/2" barb. Then a 1/2" ID poly hose connected to it leading to a drain. That is the condensate from the AC coil, and is normal. So ever worked on it last never connected the drain line.
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