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I purchased 5 Rheem RHC-TST-501-CMMS (Ruud UHC-TST-501-CMMS programmable, communicating thermostats a few years ago for a custom home we built for someone. We bought them in the early stages of the project but when the time came to move forward with the HVAC system the customer was looking to save money and went with a cheaper system and ultimately I got stuck with $1500 in thermostats as they are only compatible with Rheem and Ruud Comfort Control2 Systems. I have tried ebay and Craigslist but have not had any luck yet, I figured here at least I would be dealing with contractors that use this type of product on a regular basis.

I am willing to sell them for $275 each (Retail $325) and would certainly be willing to negotiate especially if anyone wanted to take the whole lot. Here are some specs:

Features of the 500-Series Thermostat:
-Scrolling System Status
-De-Humidification Control
-Arm-Chair Programming
-Heat/Cool/Auto Change-over
-Outdoor Temperature Display
-Backlight On/Off
-Intelligent Scheduling Ramp-Up/ Program Anticipation
-Audio Notifications On/Off
-Air Filter, UV Lights & Humidifier Maintenance Reminder
-Temperature Offset
-Continuous Fan (Hi, Med, Lo)

From the Rheem website:

Communication is the Key. Rheem is proud to introduce the 500-Series Thermostat as part of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use home comfort system available today. The Rheem Comfort Control2 System™ will provide improved comfort, optimal energy efficiency, and enhanced reliability and performance. The Comfort Control2 System consists of an indoor furnace or air handler, an outdoor condensing unit or heat pump, and the 500-Series Thermostat. The 500-Series Thermostat auto-configures the system and constantly communicates with the indoor and outdoor heating and cooling components to provide the homeowner with the utmost in home comfort and peace of mind. The thermostat is so smart; it can notify the homeowner when a service call is needed to any part of the complete system. These features ensure simple, dependable operation for the homeowner and easy installation by the contractor for peak performance.


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