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Finishing Basement (Mechanical/storage Room Supply/Return?)

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I'm in the process of finishing my 700sq/ft basement in Michigan. 500sq/ft will be finished with a bar/bathroom leaving the other 200sq/ft unfinished as a storage/mechanical room. There are currently 3 supply vents in my basement and I plan to add one additional in the bathroom for a total of 4. There is currently 1 return on the trunk of the unit and I plan on adding one to the finished part of the basement. With a wall and a doorway between the unfinished and finished part of my basement, do I need to add a supply vent to the unfinished space? Also, should I leave the cold air return that is currently on the truck or close it up? (would be in the unfinished part of basement) Thanks!
  • House built in 2020
  • High efficiency comfortmaker Furnace
  • Fresh air intake to furnace from outside currently installed
  • Square basement, unfinished space is 200 sq ft. along one full length side.
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Just remember, in most cases, the furnace was not sized to maintain temperature in the basement. By adding vents. you reduce the heating / cooling air supply to the main house. If you have insulated the basement walls real well, what you have should be OK. The only way to do this correctly is to install a zone system. They are not worth it for a small area unless you have money to burn. I personally would not install any registers in the mechanical area of the basement.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts