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Philosophical essay
As the name suggests, it reflects various philosophical considerations. Consequently, such topics of existential reasoning as love, the meaning of life, faith, death or loneliness are considered. For these reasons, this is a kind of essay with a more subjective stance and transcendent sublimity.

Critical essay

Although critical tests have much in common with argumentative essays, they are more rigorous in terms of evidence handling. Accordingly, earlier research and collection of antecedents suggests a rigor comparable to that of a scholarly essay.
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sociological essay

These are texts in which the essayist reflects on social problems and/or cultural manifestations. While there is room in a sociological essay to reflect on the author's individual thoughts, they must be backed up by solid academic research, which you can find on the Bidforwriting site for essay writers. This type of essay is considered an offshoot of the scientific essay.

Historical outline
In this type of essay, the author expresses his opinion about some interesting historical event. Usually the text contains a comparison of two or more historical sources. If you have neither the time nor the imagination for the text, then you can go to (College Paper Help from Top Writers on Bidforwriting.com Service) based on this, the author explains what is correct and necessary for your essay option. The only hard and fast rule in an argument is not to comment on events that don't have verifiable support (but you can clarify when you suggest).

Experimental Properties
This is a universal and flexible text without thematic restrictions, which helps when writing essays for senior classes..........and for universities. This allows different compositional styles to be combined - as long as consistency is maintained - as well as different rhetorical tones, harsh, satirical, critical or even melodic and lyrical.
It serves to show the author's personal opinion on the topic under discussion. Usually with a persuasive, informative, or entertaining purpose.
Without fail, the author must master the subject under discussion before expressing his conclusions in order to fix the correct descriptions.
Every idea must have a livelihood based on research.
The author reserves how he addresses the subject (irony, seriousness, unfinished content, individual or collective expectations to cause controversy) ...
Essays, therefore, are not very long texts, so thoughts are presented as clearly and concisely as possible.
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