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Do I need these recommended HVAC repairs?

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Have a Trane heat pump system in a townhouse which just received its spring system checkup. They "Found weak capacitor on heat pump and recommend wet switch installation on air handler." The estimated repair costs is $600 - ouch!

However, when I look at the details of the Service Report , it states the following data for the "capacitors":

Rated uF Condenser Motor Capacitor: 5, Actual uF Condenser Motor Capacitor: 4.85

Rated uF Compressor Capacitor: 40, Actual uF Compressor Capacitor: 38.53

The variance between the "Rated" and "Actual" appear to be small. But I have not clue - and would really appreciated the Forum's expertise and advice. Do I really need a $600 preventive maintenance repair as recommended or just wait until something happens??

I have attached the documents. Thanks for any comments/assistance.


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Just read the estimate. Either this guy has no clue how a motor works, or is attempting to blow smoke. A capacitor has no effect of motor bearings, and motor bearings do not have components. A capacitor does not provide power to all the motor windings, it takes part of the power from the normal winding and releases it a fraction of a second to the run/start winding. If it fails, the motor just will not spin and could over heat. Most motors have thermal limits to prevent damage to them.
As for the wet switch - it costs about $70 on line and takes about 30 minutes to install. If you have flooding issues, not a bad item to have. If you never had flooding issues or large amounts of water near the unit, why would you invest in this? So $600 for $90 in parts, lets call it 50% mark up, so $150 in parts and $450 in labor for 30 - 60 minutes of work. Wish I could have a labor rate of $450 per hour.
Personally, I would leave the unit as is. If you want to feel better, replace the capacitor your self, kill power and it is 4 wires. Just need to pay attention where they came off of - take pictures.... - done.

By the way, you should have blacked out your personal info on the paper work before posting.
Good Luck with you decision.
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