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hey what are y'all doing for customers that want to buy parts on the Internet? this happened to me twice today. the first customer went to the attic with me and heard me say that the igniter was bad. I only was going to charge them 180 dollars to replace ignitor. by the time I get back with the ignitor he has found it online for 15 dollars, and now wants to know what I'd charge just for labor to put it in; but he's been to my website and knows what I charge per hour. it's not like I was making a fortune on this, I always try to give my customers the best deal possible. Any other company would charge 300 to 350.00.

same thing happened with the next customer for a pressure switch, I was going to charge him 100 dollars for the pressure switch and 60 dollars to put it in. Any other company that is a 250 dollar minimum.

So now of course, the customers are calling me wanting me to do it cheaper, and of course I could do it cheaper, but not really worth my time. if I tell the customer that, I will not have a returning customer next time.

what is everyone else doing?
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