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Looking to branch out into the commercial aspect of the HVAC field, Installing rooftop units. Can anyone offer a hand in how to quote such projects. Most of my companies work has been residential installs and service work. I have serviced and trouble shot rooftop units but never installed one or replaced a full unit. I have to quote a replacement of a 2.5 ton (cool/heat) rooftop trane unit from 1988. Want to replace it with a 3 ton (cool/heat) Trane unit.

Looking for some advice........

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If on a roof you need to find out if you need
a Crane.

Will the curb allow the new unit to be set or is a curb adapter needed?

Is the new unit heavier, will added support below deck be needed?

Is the existing wiring and switch heavy enough to carry the load for the new unit?

Will the thermostat need to be replaced?

Is the duct work below attached to the curb or has someone attached it to the unit.
You will not be able to pull the unit unless you disconnect and support the duct below?

If in a mall or strip mall will you need permission for replacement or the use of a crane?

There may be existing roof problems aroung the existing curb, alert your customer.

Sometime a new curb will need to be installed. Check area below for proper supports and if a roofer will be needed.

If heat by gas checl piping sizes and condition.

Does the pipe go through a curb or roof?

Is the gas connection on the same side for the new unit.

It is important to look at what you have and what you are installing before you order it.
Good luck
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