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Choose right water condenser for my Chiller Wesper WLS 1004 ELN

I need advice of professionals to have answer at questions:

1) How much power (kW) should have heat exchanger to cool down refrigerant on high side?
2) How much water could be heated in 1 hour from 65°F to 104 °F?

Here is Chiller Wesper WLS 1004 ELN documentation: http://www.wesper.com/fichiers/Site%20Internet/tm_vls_w_6gb.pdf

It has 4 Copeland scroll compressors ZR310KCE, 25HP each compressor.
Documentation of compressor: http://www.elektronika-sa.com.pl/tcmodel.php?line=HCSSC-ZR-2006&model=ZR310KCE-TWD&RID=4&Tab=2&LID=2

For this project we planed to use two heat exchangers for each circuit (Wesper has two refrigerant circuits, two compressors on each side)
Known parameters:
Assuming that 1 compressor on each circuit will run all time.
Refrigerant: R407c
Refrigerant high side temperature: 150°F
Refrigerant boiling temperature: 41 °F
Chiller cold water set temperature: 48 °F
Considering water temperature entering in heat exchanger (condenser unit): 65 °F
Desired water temperature after heat exchanger (condenser unit): 104 °F

Any advice will be appreciated.
Thank you

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Thank you for answer.
Could you be so kind and tell me how you determine that?
From compressor technical data: Displacement [m³/h]:71,4
The chiller has TEV model: Danfoss TEZ 55 , it will reduce total flow rate of system.

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25 HP equals 300,000 BTUs.

Desired water temp of 104°F minus entering water temp of 65°F equals 39°F delta.

1 BTU to raise or lower 1 pound of water 1°F

300,000 divided by 39 equals 7,692 pounds of water heated to 104°F.

7,692 divided by 8.22(pounds of water per gallon) equals 935 gallons of water an hour.

I probably should have used 8.33 pounds per gallon(since the entering water temp is 65). That changes the answer to 923 gallons an hour.
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