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I have an outdoor Bryant AC UNIT. I believe around 1.5 ~ 2 ton. I did the calculation years ago. Was installed around 2008, uses R410A.. anyway it's started this a few years ago. I switch the thermostat to AC, turn the temp down, nice cold air comes out...for an hour -45 minutes, then just the fan on, maybe slighly cool air, then sometime later nice cold air again. I was thinking it was our Utilities "killo-watcher" program throttling back on the AC. I cleaned the condenser coils last year. did not help. Still using our utilities free thermostat. which is supposed to be on my WiFi for the utility to connect to for the program. Have not had the thermostat on my wi fi for a few years. do you think that they left an autonomous program running in my thermostat, or something wrong with my AC?
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