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Bosch Dual-Fuel System Noise

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I want to convert from oil to a propane/heat pump system. A contractor here in Connecticut is offering a Bosch system consisting of a Bosch 96% AFUE - 100,000 BTU - 5 ton propane furnace; paired with a Bosch M20 4-5 ton Inverter Driven Heat Pump. (this is a forced air system)

I cannot get a straight answer from Bosch concerning the noise of the outdoor unit. I'm told it can run from a low of about 56db at 10ft; to 72db. 56 is good. 72 is as noisy as my old Generac, which is a deal breaker. So how often would it run at an acceptable sound level, and how often would it gear up to the max? I asked Bosch what would likely be the sound output throughout the day at, for example, a 45 deg F day, but I have not gotten a response. I know there are a lot of variables, but if anyone can shed any light on this, I would appreciate it. Thanks
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There is a good reason why you can not get a good answer, way too many variables to tell you. We can have two identical homes with exact same equipment and the units would still run differently. The key thing here is load, how much load does the system require. The heavier the load, the louder it gets. So there is no answer as no one can how your application would act.
I think you already got a reasonable answer from Bosch. The noise level of the Bosch propane/heat pump system's outdoor unit can vary between 56 dB and 72 dB. It's uncertain to calculate the exact sound output throughout the day on a 45°F day. But if you still have a more clear picture, you should contact Bosch again for specific data or consult HVAC professionals for firsthand experiences with noise levels.
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