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<span class="_5yl5" data-reactid=".co.$<[email protected]=1projektitan=1com>.2:"><span class="null">Good morning Hvac Engineers.<br> i need a favour from you guys that regarding to Design of blower capacity and its duct size.(for gas cylinder room of a ship)<br> total room volume : 13211 cubic ft
<br>air changes per hour :25<br> blower capacity :____ cfm?
<br>duct size: ____?<br> static pressure (for blower): ____?<br> velocity:____?<br> Note:i need to keep some pressure inside this room.
do i need seperate blowers (with different capacity) for inlet vent and outlet vent to maintain some pressure inside the room ?<br><br>Thankyou.</span></span>
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