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working on a american standard heat pump r22 with a txv 3.5 ton
unit was not cooling evap was not frozen when i arrived at the site.
checked air flow and was correct 600 cfm
hooked up guages and high side was 250 temp 87 degree low side was 60 with temp of 73 degrees
out door temp 90 degree
temp out of vent was 63
waited about 15 min and evap started to freeze up high pressure went to 300 still about 87 degrees low side drop to 30 psi temp 76 degree
switched over to heat mode to defrost evap coil then switched back to cool pressure stayed same
dont understand what happend
any ideas

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TXV problem was my very first thought. My 2nd thought was that run of faulty Sporlan TXV's in several new Trane units a couple yrs ago that spanked me for a bunch of warranty work.
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