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We had a house built this past year and I was disappointed with the installation of the outside compressors. The laid a plastic platform over a very sparse layer of stone with the top of the platform almost at ground level (without grass). It's complicated further by converging slopes which I'm in the planning stages to grade and establish a new lawn this late fall.

I expressed my concern right after I saw the installation and was told it was fine; however that thin layer of rocks and platform are sitting on Tennessee red clay and it's already sinking slightly. Our area gets quite a bit a rain so i don't see how that platform won't sink further. Also, I put a level on one of the units and it's a bit over 1/2" out of level. That doesn't seem like much to me, but I would think being out of level will get worse if there is more settling.

As I mentioned, I'm in the planning stages of grading, adding some additional irrigation (to get us through the dry hot months), adding some drainage, and establishing a new lawn in the bare areas. I would think it makes sense to raise the two units as well as grade down and away from the the house.

Appreciate any thoughts.

Right after installation in April
Road surface Wood Waste container Automotive tire Asphalt

What it looks like as of yesterday
Window Land lot Building Plant Brick

Plant Automotive tire Wood Trunk Chair

April, showing install and on of the slopes
Plant Plant community Natural landscape Tree Groundcover

Taken from next door neighbors slope
Plant Sky Tree Land lot Road surface
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