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  1. Residential HVAC Forum
    Hello, I've got a newish Trane XV80 furnace (no A/C) and am about to have a heat pump added. Because it's only ~3 years old the contractor and I agree it makes sense to keep it and leave the furnace for gas backup heat. We are liekly going with the Lennox SL25XPV, and so also the Lennox...
  2. General HVAC Discussion
    Trane XV80 installed 10/03 - replaced HSI 2/12/12 w compatible WR 768A-15, failed 2-3 weeks later & replaced with a 2nd igniter. Zero issues until yesterday, 11/10/12 - Complaint - NO Heat, furnace continues running, pushing cold air... Installed (3rd) igniter, system fired up with no issues...
1-2 of 2 Results