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  1. General HVAC Discussion
    I went to do an electrical inspection for someone and I found their furnace motor leaking oil. Someone had put some kitty litter under it to catch the spill too. The woman told me she had a furnace guy come out and he said everything work, or everything was fine but I pointed out to her that the...
  2. Residential HVAC Forum
    Im working on a Goodman indoor unit Model #AEPT030-00C-1A. The fan is a varible speed fan motor. The control Module/board has the 24 volts coming into it. The fan motor has the high voltage going into it but it wont come on. I believe the motor to be shot. I also checked the continuity of the...
  3. Residential HVAC Forum
    This is a 15 yr. old furnace, and after troubleshooting it gives me a code 42 which indicates ( no start on Inducer fan motor or not working at proper RPM). Am I missing something? I performed a diagnostic test with dip switch which turns all components on in the proper sequences of operation...
1-3 of 3 Results