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  1. Residential HVAC Forum
    Hello, I've got a newish Trane XV80 furnace (no A/C) and am about to have a heat pump added. Because it's only ~3 years old the contractor and I agree it makes sense to keep it and leave the furnace for gas backup heat. We are liekly going with the Lennox SL25XPV, and so also the Lennox...
  2. General HVAC Discussion
    I think this is a Lennox unit, maybe 11 years old. We had the outside capacitor replaced (it was near the end of its life) 3 months ago. This summer the A/C had been working fine, but a week ago the 25-year old thermostat began blinking the word COOLING and the fan wasn't coming on. Tech said...
  3. General HVAC Discussion
    Hi. I have a neighbor in back of us who has a Lennox XC16 AC unit. The issue is that when it's on, it emits a loud rattling sound on top of the nearly inaudible fan sound. This noise makes it unpleasant to be in our backyard. (The neighbor's family rarely seem to be in their backyard, so...
  4. General HVAC Discussion
    I have a lennox HP26 with a retrofit defrost control and no code ledger need to know what red and green status lights are
1-4 of 4 Results