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    Can the ClimateMaster Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) Series IOM (Model: TEV026BGD02CRTS) properly communicate with a Honeywell Steam Humidifier (HM750A1000) to only allow the humidifier to run when the fan is cycled and the heat is on? I currently have the wires running from the Air Proving on the...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello all. I am new here, my name is Robert and I am an residential HVAC contractor in New Jersey!
  3. General HVAC Discussion
    Hello, I am a Mechanical HVAC Engineer. I have recently Joined a new Company. My Manager posed a question to me which i cant find the answer. I really need someone's help. Question During Duct Fabrication stage, client gives us the specification under which we have to manufacture ducts from...
  4. Residential HVAC Forum
    I've got some projects I need done in multiple countries in the Caribbean over the next few years, not one off projects. I need a relationship with a residential HVAC contractor that already operates in multiple countries in the Caribbean, i.e. Puerto Rico, Bahamas, USVI, etc. Who is the...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, my name is Kelli Cronmiller from Bucks County Pa. We operate a heating & air conditioning company locally. I stumbled upon this website and think it could be a great tool to share tips and ideas on what works and what doesnt within our industry. It could also provide us some insight...
  6. General HVAC Discussion
    Any HVAC Guys Near Madison, WI My church bought a large building (not a church building) and we're doing all of the renovations ourselves, mostly volunteer. Not everything was hooked up and working when we got in there, and some of the volunteers have cut thermostat wires, removed ducts, etc...
  7. Commercial HVAC Forum
    Commercial and HVAC Rooftop Installations Placing a unit on a rooftop can sometimes be challenging. Most of the time units are lifted by a crane and set in place. We also have experience using a helicopter to set large systems on hard to reach commercial buildings roof. We strive to deliver...
  8. General HVAC Discussion
    I went to do an electrical inspection for someone and I found their furnace motor leaking oil. Someone had put some kitty litter under it to catch the spill too. The woman told me she had a furnace guy come out and he said everything work, or everything was fine but I pointed out to her that the...
  9. Commercial HVAC Forum
    <P>Looking for a few good men, Hoo-ah! Who has military or DOD Civilian HVAC / Generator experience in the sand box... ? Tell me about it.</P>
  10. General HVAC Discussion
    Does anyone have a pic of a HVAC testing control panel. You see these in Trade schools alot for training new techs. I am building a couple of them for training purposes. I am doing one for Gas Furnaces, Straight cooling and electric heat. Need some ideas or sites to go to. Thanks ahead of...
  11. General HVAC Discussion
    I've noticed that a lot of HVAC technicians (and other tradesfolk like plumbers, electricians, etc.) have been hiring their own personal sales guys. Have you been noticing that, too? :blink:
  12. New Member Introductions
    Howdy, all. My name is Evan Wilder and quite frankly, I just wanted to say "aloha" to you all. Hawaii, no? Just "American".
  13. General HVAC Discussion
    I think HVAC is the trade for me. School cost 15k but I plan on just taking that 15k and buying a truck and tools and studying on my own. I was a AC helper several times and the people I met that went and finished school really dont have a whole lot to show for it. What would be a good HVAC...
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I have been in the plumbing and HVAC trades since 1973. I've done residential, commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical work but no nuclear.
  15. HVACSite.com Help and Suggestions
    Your Best Bet: Don’t Let It Happen There are a number of preventative steps you can take to keep your pipes from freezing. Here are a few simple tips: Before The Cold Remember the three central causes of frozen pipes? Quick drops in temperature, poor insulation, and thermostats set too low...
  16. Commercial HVAC Forum
    I read a articular that was posted about converting system from R22 to R410A .Where they talking about replacing the meting device in the air handler or the evaporator coil & if so, where did they find a device for 410A? Also how much changes has there been from R22 systems to the R410A...
1-17 of 52 Results