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  1. Residential HVAC Forum
    I am trying to help out a tech. We have a new client with a Carrier heat pump. Heating mode = HIGH head pressure. Cooling mode = LOW suction pressure. The other day it had perfect pressures. The problem is sporadic. Any suggestions?
  2. General HVAC Discussion
    I went to do an electrical inspection for someone and I found their furnace motor leaking oil. Someone had put some kitty litter under it to catch the spill too. The woman told me she had a furnace guy come out and he said everything work, or everything was fine but I pointed out to her that the...
  3. General HVAC Discussion
    I have a potential customer who asked me to install a transfer switch for her. She already has a 5000 Watt generator and I told her she will not be able run her heat with that. She has a heat pump system. (I don't know the exact size of her heat at this moment but, let's say there are two...
  4. Residential HVAC Forum
    I have a 2 ton Goodman pump approx. 1 year old. Usually runs normal but sometimes seems to stall hard and then restarts in less than a minute then runs for a minute or two, stalls again and restarts again. It will cycle like this 2 or three times then go back to running normal. Any ideas...
  5. New Member Introductions
    We are a new business just starting in the Huntsville, AL area. I have worked in the field for over 13 years now. I am happy to start helping others in all aspects of HVAC! http://comfortclimateservice.com
  6. Residential HVAC Forum
    I went to check a Goodman heat pump in Virginia. Customer complaint was she would set the thermostat for 62 and when she would come home from work the thermostat and temp was reading 80 and still running. I checked the low voltage at the outdoor unit and the thermostat was still calling for...
  7. HVACSite.com Help and Suggestions
    Your Best Bet: Don’t Let It Happen There are a number of preventative steps you can take to keep your pipes from freezing. Here are a few simple tips: Before The Cold Remember the three central causes of frozen pipes? Quick drops in temperature, poor insulation, and thermostats set too low...
  8. General HVAC Discussion
    I've been going nuts trying to find something about Radiant Heat so please help me! I want to attend a school on Radiant Heat maybe a 1 or 2 week course. The only thing I have really found was taco-hvac.com and they offer I course what I'm looking for but it's in Rhode Island. I don't want to...
  9. Residential HVAC Forum
    Hello, I posted this in another location on this forum and got no replies. I think I may have posted it in the wrong section. I hope its ok that I reposted here. I am an AC contractor. I did a change out on an apartment complex of some air handlers (dx open case, twin squirl cage, ceiling...
  10. HVAC Tools and Equipment
    The air conditioning is the most important buildings and high- energy-consuming products , how to solve the energy consumption of air conditioning products to become the top priority of the air-conditioning industry . Water source heat pump products provides a good choice to solve the problem ...
  11. General HVAC Discussion
    Hello, I am an AC contractor. I did a change out on an apartment complex of some air handlers (dx open case, twin squirl cage, ceiling mount, hide-a-way type.) The air handlers have electric heat strips with a r22 evap/coil w/ txv's. When winter began I got numerous complaints of no heat...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hello Group :) Im a newbie and just joined. question on Ductless splits. Is anyone familiar on required superheat on a ductless air conditioning unit? I was always told dont bother putting gauges on just dump the charge if theres a refrigerant problem and weigh it in, but I was talking to a...
  13. Residential HVAC Forum
    You know the one with the stainless coverings... Is there any reason why i wouldnt be able to pump down this heat pump? system is functioning properly... TXV is not restricted... i closed the liquid line serrvice valve but i cant seem to trap the 410a in the condenser. Units only 2-3 years...
  14. HVACSite.com Help and Suggestions
    Is there any reason why i wouldn't be able to pump down this heat pump. TXV is functioning properly. I closed liquid service valve but cant seem to fill the condensor. 410a system... trying to pressure test line set.
  15. General HVAC Discussion
    I have a 10 year old complete heat tied to the am 30 it was sold with. No DHW. The am 30 can not see that the hm has hot water in it. Tech support had me change the board in the am unit. New circ pump on top of hm unit. circ pump in am unit good and works when 115v is applied. occasionally the...
  16. Residential HVAC Forum
    never mind
  17. Residential HVAC Forum
    More specifically, the discharge superheat method; Ambient temp added to discharge temp. This method has served me well but doesn't work AT ALL in 410A systems. Anyone else use this method or know why that it doesn't jive with 410A?
1-17 of 17 Results