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  1. Residential HVAC Forum
    Thanks for any advice. I have a 16 year old heat pump - Trane 2TWR3-UP-1A. The fan went out a month ago and I replaced the starter capacitor thinking it was fixed. Since then the fan stopped running several times. The capacitor and relay switch are good. The resistance between motor wires...
  2. General HVAC Discussion
    Hi All, I am looking to put a heat pump in an upstairs bedroom. There are a limited number of places that I can put it and the best spot would be to run the lines next to a lined cinder block chimney that will vent a wood stove. The lines could be run about 12 inches away from the chimney with...
  3. Residential HVAC Forum
    I am turning my electric heater / ac unit into a heat pump system but in stages. First stage is just having it work like a regular AC. I have installed a 2.5 Goodman Heat Pump GSZ140301, New coils and lines, vacuumed to 200 microns and it held, and let out the freon in to the system. The...
1-3 of 3 Results