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  1. Residential HVAC Forum
    Heat 1200-4000 SQuare Feet, Prices Range From $2795-$3995, ALL CARRY A FULL 5 YEAR 100% WARRANTY, See Us At http://www.airstove.com or toll free at 866-878-4922
  2. Residential HVAC Forum
    Im replacing the furnace in a mobile home and need to know which Coleman furnaces are approved for the MH. The existing furnace is an 80k up flow in an exterior closet. I know interior downflows require a model specifically approved for mobile homes but If its uplow and in an exterior closet...
  3. HVAC Codes and Certifications
    The regional standards established by the Department of Energy (DOE) that are set to go into effect May 1, 2013. For the first time, the HVAC industry is being regulated not on what is being manufactured, but rather what is being installed. What does this mean to you? Starting May 1, 2013, gas...
  4. General HVAC Discussion
    <P>With the new regulations dictating the minimum energy levels for cooling systems, heat pumps and furnaces depending on what region you are in, how is this going to change your business strategies?</P>
1-4 of 4 Results